29 March 2021
Our DCE work on underground farming has been featured in a story-format coverage by University of Cambridge.

05 March 2021
Connor gave a series of talks to the University of Sydney engineering department on the <a href=>statistical finite element method.</a> Slides here.

16 February 2021
University of Cambridge featured a post on Digital Twins for underground farming. This work is a part of the Data-Centric Engineering initiative at the Alan Turing institute, led by Mark Girolami.

04 February 2021
A new paper on Uncertainty Quantification for Data-driven Turbulence Modelling with Mondrian Forests has been published in Journal of Computational Physics. (arXiv link)

22 January 2021
Deniz's paper on probabilistic sequential matrix factorization has been accepted at AISTATS 2021.

21 January 2021
Deniz's paper on adaptive importance samplers has just been published in the Statistics and Computing journal.

21 Janaury 2021
Connor Duffin, Mark Girolami and their co-authors have published their work on statistical finite elements in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. See also this post on the Cambridge university website for more coverage.

06 December 2020
A new article on crime modelling -- Spatio-Temporal Mixed Membership Models for Criminal Activity -- has been published at the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society).

23 November 2020
The paper on Bayesian Probabilistic Numerical Methods was named in the Top Three most cited papers in 2020 SIAM Review.

09 October 2020
Our Michaelmas reading group will be focused on Approximate Bayesian Computation and Kernel Methods. Full schedule will be published soon.