Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group

Department of Engineering - University of Cambridge


04 January 2022

The paper on Anomaly detection in streaming data with gaussian process based stochastic differential equations has been accepted at Pattern Recognition Letters. Congratulations Alex and Mark!

27 September 2021

Congratulations to Hussein Rappel, currently a postdoc at the Alan Turing Institute, who will start as an Assistant Professor in Computational Engineering at the University of Exeter.

31 August 2021

The paper on "PeriPy - A High Performance OpenCL Peridynamics Package" has now been published at CMAME. Congratulations, Ben and co-authors!

30 August 2021

The paper on "Riemann--Stein kernel method" has been accepted at Bernoulli (arXiv link).

15 July 2021

The 3D-printed bridge which is a research project involving industry and academic partners (including DCE programme led by Mark Girolami) has now been installed in Amsterdam. See the coverage by New Scientist.

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