Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group

Department of Engineering - University of Cambridge


10 May 2021

A paper on Convergence Guarantees for Gaussian Process Means with Misspecified Likelihoods and Smoothness has been accepted in the Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR).

29 March 2021

Our DCE work on underground farming has been featured in a story-format coverage by University of Cambridge.

05 March 2021

Connor gave a series of talks to the University of Sydney engineering department on the statistical finite element method. Slides here.

16 February 2021

University of Cambridge featured a post on Digital Twins for underground farming. This work is a part of the Data-Centric Engineering initiative at the Alan Turing institute, led by Mark Girolami.

04 February 2021

A new paper on Uncertainty Quantification for Data-driven Turbulence Modelling with Mondrian Forests has been published in Journal of Computational Physics. (arXiv link)

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