Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Group

Department of Engineering - University of Cambridge


31 August 2021

The paper on "PeriPy - A High Performance OpenCL Peridynamics Package" has now been published at CMAME. Congratulations, Ben and co-authors!

30 August 2021

The paper on "Riemann--Stein kernel method" has been accepted at Bernoulli (arXiv link).

15 July 2021

The 3D-printed bridge which is a research project involving industry and academic partners (including DCE programme led by Mark Girolami) has now been installed in Amsterdam. See the coverage by New Scientist.

07 July 2021

A video of the digital twin of the MX3D bridge in Amsterdam being used in the Autodesk software.

01 June 2021

A paper on "Semi-Exact Control Functionals from Sard’s Method" is to appear in Biometrika (arXiv link).

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